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The Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari (CIHEAM-IAMB) and the Lebanese Ministry of Agriculture are jointly implementing the project “Social and Economic Support for the Families of producers in the Olive –growing Marginal regions in Lebanon”.

The Project is funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Italian Cooperation  with 3.3 ML Euros, as part of the Poverty Alleviation Fund. It aims at supporting the families working in the olive oil chain located in the marginal areas and increase their income.

Partners of the project are the Italian NGO Istituto per la Cooperazione Universitaria (ICU),  the Lebanese Scientific Research Council (CNRS) and the Agricultural Research Institute (LARI). Furthermore, the National Observatory for Women in Agriculture and Rural Areas of Lebanon (NOWARA) will collaborate to all the project activities  concerning the empowerment of women.
The project target areas are  the olive-growing Cazas selected on the basis of social and economic criteria and income-related indicators: Akkar, Dannieh-Minieh, Zgharta, Bcharre, Hermel, Rachaya, West Bekaa, Marjeoun, Hasbaya, Tyr, Nabatieh, and Bent Jbeil.
Project main goals

•    To support the olive growers in  increasing the quantity and improving the quality of olives and olive oil, and to reduce their production cost;
•    To provide solutions to the environmental problems caused by the olive oil mills by-products;
•    To empower youth and women and to strengthen the existing  agricultural cooperatives;
•    To assist in Marketing and Promotion of the olive oil industry products and by-products.

The project will strengthen the extension services at the Ministry of agriculture in order to assist and organize the different production processes of the existing olive cooperatives and olives growers in marginal olive growing regions in Lebanon. Moreover, the project will develop pilot actions to insure the correct distribution of the vegetation water.

Project main activities

•    Technical and economic support to cooperatives to improve the olive oil quality and to increase its quantity
•    Training courses to Lebanese technicians
•    Workshops and trainings to olive growers
•    Technical assistance to cooperatives and farmers
•    Demo fields for olive orchard integrated and organic management
•    Pilot initiatives for the environment-friendly use of the olive oil mills by-products
•    Setting up an institutional board for specific legislative proposals for the management of the olive and oil sector
•    National Map for Olive trees distribution
•    Varietal characterization 




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